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Casuarina Cousin It™

Category: Casuarina

Cousin It

Casuarina Cousin It™ is potentially the most versatile and useful ground cover that you will ever use. It's is a marvellously versatile ground cover with surprising strength. Highly adaptable, it works well suppressing weeds and controlling soil erosion - a great addition to any landscape project.

Creating a small mound with long, slim branches that extend outward, Cousin It will surprise you with its strength and capabilities. Seen all over Australia from Southern Queensland, Tasmania and in Western Australia, this variety will complement many gardens and create a very trendy style with a real design flare.

The spreading habit will cover large areas quickly, hiding just about anything from unappealing drainage pipes, stumps and other ground obstacles, and positioned correctly, Cousin It™ will also cascade and spill over embankments, retaining walls and rockeries, creating a spectacular effect.

Brand Cousin It™
Species Casuarina glauca
Plugs Available From Ramm Botanicals
Tray Size 162
Position Full Sun, Full Sun/Part Shade
Height 30cm
Width to 2m
Tolerances Salt Tolerant (Coastal), Drought Tolerant, Light Frost Tolerant, Humidity, Salty Soils, Sandy Soils, Clay Soils
Uses Border, Garden, Ground Cover, Hanging Basket, Landscape, Native, Retaining Walls, Roadside, Slopes/Embankments, Weed Suppression