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Scaevola Carpet Series

Category: Scaevola

Scaevola have been popularised all around the world due to their quick flowering ability, unusual fan form and versatility as a ground cover or containerised plant. Our two albida species, Mauve Carpet and White Carpet are spreading ground covers that form an attractive mat-like habit.

Featuring thick, compact foliage and masses of small mauve and white fan-shaped flowers throughout the year, Mauve Carpet and White Carpet display a spectacular carpet of colour during spring and summer.

The Carpet Series Scaevola are long-lived and an ideal choice where a low maintenance plant is required with irregularly irrigation. Uses include bedding plant, rockeries, ground cover, hanging baskets and trailing over banks or walls.

Plug stock available to wholesale growers from Carawah Nursery

Brand Carpet Series
Species Scaevola albida
Plugs Available From Carawah Nursery
Position Full Sun
Height 15cm
Width 1m
Tolerances Frost Hardy
Uses Garden, Ground Cover, Hanging Basket, Landscape, Native, Retaining Walls