Ramm Landscape is a division of Ramm Botanicals established in 2014 to provide quality landscape plants into the private and commercial landscaping sectors. 

The Ramm Landscape team is currently working in collaboration with landscape architects, designers and contractors as well as plant growers and breeders to provide a trialled and tested range of plants suited to a wide range of growing environments.

Browse our current range below and be sure to contact us for any further information than we have provided.

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Aussie Crawl
Category: Scaevola

A tough, native ground cover that displays masses of purple fan flowers and forms a thick cover that doubles as a weed suppressant.

Ramm Botanicals Trial Gardens
Category: Scaevola

A pink Scaevola that produces fan flowers in abundance and has a quick, spreading habit.

Ozothamnus Radiance
Category: Ozothamnus

Radiance is a popular variety of Ozothamnus bred by Angus Stewart. It has the most compact form on the market and flowers virtually all year round!

Lomandra Verday_6
Category: Lomandra

An evergreen, hardy Lomandra that has dense medium/dark green foliage and a semi-upright habit. Perfect for a low maintenance application.

Easy As aka Lompet 1
Category: Lomandra

An upright, slightly weeping lomandra with bright green foliage and a hardy nature. Easy to plant, easy to maintain, an easy landscape choice.

Planted in Tanja, NSW.
Category: Lomandra

A robust, vibrant green Lomandra that is sure to be a favourite. A tough Australian Native offering great colour and performance.

empress foliage
Category: Lomandra

Unusual form, interesting foliage and a tough nature. Empress is the perfect low-maintenance feature plant and an easy choice for almost any landscape application.

Category: Lomandra

An interesting Lomandra with lime green foliage resembling optic fibres. Soft to touch and an interesting form, Lime Wave is perfect for almost any application!

Sea of Purple 8
Category: Hardenbergia

A quick and low growing, dense ground cover! An impressive coverage of 3 metres that becomes a Sea of Purple when in flower.

Hardenbergia Purple Spray
Category: Hardenbergia

An upright form of Hardenbergia violacea that produces masses of purple flowers in late winter/early spring. Bees love this plant and it is a useful plant for bringing colour and shape to the garden.

Gazania Sahara
Category: Gazania

NON-INVASIVE! Bright yellow flowers will blaze the landscape where this plant is used, its foliage grey in appearance provides a beautiful contrast to other foliage. Exempt from the declaration of gazania in South Australia and is legal to be sold in South Australia.

Disphyllum Sunburn
Category: Disphyllum

A new succulent to the Ramm Botanicals range that features bright golden yellow flowers in profusion throughout the warmer months atop bright green foliage.

Sunpeach Flowers
Category: Disphyllum

This remarkable succulent is not only robust, it also boasts a new colour break! Luminous pink/peach with a gold centre!

Dianella Kentlyn 2
Category: Dianella

A quick growing Dianella that will reach up to 80cm in height and produce deep blue flowers and berries during Spring and Summer.

Lithe foliage
Category: Dianella

A robust Dianella known for it's height and immensity of strappy, light green foliage.

Emperor's Pearl mass planting
Category: Dianella

A persistant and robust Dianella that produces a regal display of tough, yet attractive, mid-green, upright foliage. 

DSC_6266 copy
Category: Dianella

Florero is a new Dianella with neat, compact 'vase-shaped' foliage.

Casuarina Cousin It
Category: Casuarina

This prostrate form of Casuarina may have a whacky name but it is a serious ground cover!

Category: Callistemon

This Bottlebrush will attract birds and bees as well as look attractive all year round. It produces bright pink new foliage and bright red flowers.

Arctotis Bengal Tiger
Category: Arctotis

When it comes to cost-effective landscaping you can't go past Bengal Tiger. It spreads up to 2m wide and produces a profusion of golden yellow daisy-like flowers.

Planted in Ramm Botanicals trial beds.
Category: Anigozanthos

A fiery red Kangaroo Paw that is tough enough to survive the Australian Landscape. 1.8m in height and will cover roughly a square metre of ground.

Anigozanthos Bush Fury
Category: Anigozanthos

Bush Fury is a shorter variety of Landscaping Kangaroo Paw. It showcases a profusion of deep red flowers almost all year round and is an exceptionally tough variety.