Dianella Florero™

Dianella revolutathe provincial collection logo portrait

PBR Name: DR002

Florero is a compact, upright variety that is perfect for garden designs where low maintenance and style is important. The dainty, lilac flowers and purple berries sit atop the mid-green foliage and make this plant stand out. It's neat shape makes it ideal for borders and low mass plantings, and you'll be surprised by it's robustness in the landscape.  

Height to 70cm

Width to 20m

Best planting time: Spring, Autumn & Winter

Flowering time: Flowers and berries produced during Spring & Summer

Foliage: Mid-green, thin, upright & tough foliage.

Optimum planting requirements: 25cm intervals.

Optimum climatic zones: Best in cool or temperate areas where humidity is not a problem.

Uses: Garden & landscape planting. Borders & mass plantings.

Soil Type: Suited to most sandy/clay soils & avoid keeping roots too wet.

Care: Remove thatch to promote new growth. Should be watered every 4 weeks in arid conditions.

Open the attached information sheet for technical notes and further information or to print this information.

Use Roadside, Slopes/Embankments, Playgrounds, Mass Plantings, Soil Stabilization
Optimum Position Full Sun
Tolerant to: Drought, Frost
Flowering Spring, Summer
Height to: 40cm-60cm


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