Alyogyne Blue Heeler

Alyogyne wrayae

PBR Name: Blue Heeler

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Alyogyne Blue Heeler is a low growing form of A. wrayae that will reach approximately 1m high and 1m wide. It repeat flowers through the warmer months producing plenty of bright purple flowers with blue undertones that resemble a smaller Hibiscus flower, hence the common name 'Native Hibiscus'. Blue Heeler produces woody stems that multibranch with each stem producing numerous flowers.

Height to: 1m

Width to: 1m

Best planting time: Autumn

Flowering time: Early Spring to Autumn

Foliage: Tough, small, mid-green leaves.

Optimum planting requirements: Recommended spacing of 1 plant per m2.

Optimum climatic zones: Avoid plantings in areas of very high humidity. 

Uses: Effective in mass plantings, perfect for embankments or to help control soil erosion.

Soil Type: Well drained soils, sandy clay loams, raised beds with plenty of drainage.

Care: A light trim every 3 years will assist in maintaining plant health and shape.

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Brand Australia's Wonders
Use Slopes/Embankments, Mass Plantings
Optimum Position Full Sun, Part Shade
Tolerant to: Frost
Flowering Autumn, Spring, Summer
Height to: 80cm-1m


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