Gazania Sahara

Gazania hybrida

PBR Name: Sahara

Sahara produces an abundance of doubled, bright yellow flowers atop dense grey foliage. This Gazania will provide a dense cover of foliage that acts as an excellent weed suppressant. Its a popular variety for mass plantings due to the amount of large, doubled flowers it produces and the cover it provides. The best part about this Gazania is that it's non-invasive. Unlike most Gazania varieties which produce seed and are considered a weed in many parts of the country.

Height to: 20cm

Width to: 80cm

Best planting time: Spring.

Flowering time: Regular flushes of flower throughout the year.

Foliage: Grey/green foliage with a compact growth habit. Quick, low growing foliage.

Optimum planting requirements: For good ground coverage plant at 45cm intervals.

Optimum climatic zones: Prefers areas that are not affected by humidity. Excellently suited to coastal regions.

Uses: Feature plant, mass plantings, roadside, playground, 

Soil Type: Wide range of soil types, best in sandy, open soils.

Care: No maintenance required.

Open the attached information sheet for technical notes and further information or to print this information.

Use Roadside, Slopes/Embankments, Playgrounds, Mass Plantings, Ground Cover, Soil Stabilization, Feature Plant
Optimum Position Full Sun, Part Shade
Tolerant to: Drought, Frost, Wind, Salty Soils, Sandy Soils, Clay Soils
Flowering Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer
Height to: 20-40cm


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