Casuarina Cousin It

Casuarina glauca

Cousin It is a quirky variation  of normal Casuarina identified as C. glauca that mounds from its main stem to about 30cm high. It's long branches then grow as long as a metre and a half. They will flow over anything in their path and create a thick matt of coverage. Cousin It can be used in a range of applications and garden styles but one of our favourite ways to use it is to let is cascade over a retaining wall or rockery. The foliage quickly integrates into a gentle flow of foliage resembling a river or stream. This plant has been growing in the Ramm Botanicals gardens since 2007 in full sun. To this day the plants are healthy and growing well.

The dense matt of foliage that this plant creates will help to keep moisture within the soil, retard soil erosion and also suppress weed germination. An extremely tough native perfect for creativing an intriguing landscape.

Height: to 30cm

Length: to 1.5m

Best planting time: Spring or Autumn.

Foliage: Needle like foliage that grows in segments. Deep green in colour.

Optimum planting requirements: Plant 1m apart for mass plantings. Can be used much closer together to create a multi-levelled effect.

Optimum climatic zones: Will grow fine in most zones. Will tolerate moderate humidity, may require supplementary watering in arid regions.

Uses: Mass plantings, retaining walls, embankments, ground cover, weed suppression.

Soil Type: Tolerant of a wide range of soil types. Casuarina glauca is found in estuarine swamps and tidal flats and is tolerant of poorly drained soils.

Care: Generally maintenance free.

Open the attached information sheet for technical notes and further information or to print this information.

Use Roadside, Slopes/Embankments, Playgrounds, Mass Plantings, Ground Cover, Feature Plant
Optimum Position Full Sun, Part Shade
Tolerant to: Drought, Wind, Clay Soils
Height to: 20-40cm


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