Arctotis Bengal Tiger

Arctotis hybrid

PBR Name: Bengal Tiger

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Bengal Tiger provides superior ground coverage while also providing a profusion of striking colour. This fantastic Arctotis produces a tough and thick cover of foliage up to 20cm thick making it a fantastic weed suppressant. It's leaves form a 'ruffled edge', giving texture and an interesting appearance to any landscape. A profusion of striped, bright orange and yellow flowers will appear while most other plants are waiting for the warmer months. Great for covering up those bare patches that other plants just don't seem to survive in.

Height to: 45cm

Width to: 2m

Best planting time: Early Autumn.

Flowering time: Late Autumn into Summer.

Foliage: Soft glaucas green in appearance but very resilient to harsh conditions.

Optimum planting requirements: Recommened spacing of 1 plant per m2. Requires well drained soil and full sun. Will benefit from having mulch around the roots width of the plant.

Optimum climatic zones: Best in most areas that aren't tropical.

Uses: Groundcover, ideal for gardens, commerial landscape space, and coastal regions.

Soil Type: Wide range of soil types. Open sandy soils most suitable.

Care:  Remove spent flowers and dead leaves to help keep the plant looking its best.   Plant will respond well to an application of a general purpose controlled release fertiliser in spring.

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Use Roadside, Slopes/Embankments, Playgrounds, Mass Plantings, Ground Cover, Soil Stabilization, Feature Plant
Optimum Position Full Sun
Tolerant to: Drought, Frost, Wind, Clay Soils
Flowering Autumn, Summer
Height to: 20-40cm


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