Callistemon All Aglow

Callistemon hybrid

PBR Name: Ramboglow

All Aglow is a large Callistemon that will grow anywhere between two and three metres high. It produces beautiful luminous pink fresh foliage that demands attention from all who pass by. It produces bright red bottlebrushes that will attract birds and bees to the area as well as bringing a splash of colour to plain landscapes. They are easy to maintain, only needing a cut back if the limbs become stretched or start to look untidy.

Height to 2-3m

Width to 1-1.5m

Best planting time: Early Autumn.

Flowering time: Spring.

Foliage: Luminous pink new foliage slowly turns to a deep green as foliage ages.

Optimum planting requirements: Recommended planting of 1 plant per 1.5m2.

Optimum climatic zones: Best planted in cool, temperate, or tropical zones. May struggle in arid regions.

Uses: Excellent individual feature plant or planted in multiples for a hedge of screen. Perfect for native gardens, terrific colour highlight.

Soil Type: Drought tolerant once established, in most regions All Aglow will not require supplementary watering.

Care: A light prune every few years to maintain shape if required.

Open the attached information sheet for technical notes and further information or to print this information.

Use Roadside, Slopes/Embankments, Playgrounds, Feature Plant
Optimum Position Full Sun, Part Shade
Tolerant to: Drought, Frost, Wind, Clay Soils
Flowering Spring
Height to: 1.8m-2m


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