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Pelargonium Ivy Royal Lavender
Category: Pelargonium

A stunning range of Ivy-type Pelargoniums. Flower colours range from a deep burgundy to baby pink. We're certain there is a Ivy Pelargonium for you.

Bordeaux Flower
Category: Pelargonium

The Solstice Pelargoniums are an exciting new range to Ramm. Their compact habit and unusual flowers create a display worth showing off.

Pelargonium Zonal Cembalo
Category: Pelargonium

Bright colours and large clusters of flowers characterise the Zonal Pels. These varieties are known for being some of the most prolific flowering Pelargoniums, see for yourself.

Double Pink
Category: Petunia

Happy Miniature Petunias for pots, borders and smaller gardens. Cute, pom-pom-like flowers atop compact foliage, a sight that will make you happy for seasons to come!

Category: Pimelea

An attractive compact shrub with cute leaves appearing all along the stems and producing a beautiful burst of spring flowers.

Category: Pimelea

Beautiful, dark pink flowers appear as clusters at the terminals of each stem on this naturally dome-shaped bush.

Category: Pimelea

An uncommon, white-flowered form of rice flower. White Solitaire is a member of the Kings Park Series.

Category: Portulaca

An interesting range of brightly coloured, drought tolerant and ground covering Portulaca. Their semi-succulent foliage stores water to help the plant withstand the rigours of a hot Australian summer.

Ptilotus exaltatus Joey
Category: Ptilotus

Captivating spires of large, feathery, off-white flowers appear in spring and are highlighted with neon-pinky/purple tips.

Category: Rubus

This hybrid Blackberry bears richly flavoured fruit from mid-to-late summer.

Category: Rubus

A vigorous, trailing grower that’s actually a cross between a Pacific Blackberry and a Raspberry.

Category: Rubus

Hybridised in Australia, Silvanberry bears luscious, large, slightly acidic, dark red berries from early summer.

Category: Rubus

This vigorous grower has a trailing habit and bears loads of sweet, juicy, tasty and nutritious berries, similar in flavour to Blackberry.

Aussie Crawl
Category: Scaevola

A beautiful, free-flowering variety featuring many clusters of large, purple-blue flowers that cover strong, mat-forming foliage.

Aussie Salute Blue
Category: Scaevola

Stands strong and tall with masses of large, purple-blue flowers on parade. 

Aussie Salute Pink
Category: Scaevola

A fast growing, short lived variety with an upright habit and bright pink fan-shaped flowers.

Kings Park Midnight
Category: Scaevola
A prostrate, spreading variety that produces masses of deep purple, fan shaped flowers.

Kings Park Moonlight
Category: Scaevola
A low growing variety that produces masses of bright white, fan shaped flowers.

Mauve Carpet
Category: Scaevola

A long-lived, spreading ground cover that provides a thick carpet of tight, mid-green foliage with an abundance of small mauve flowers.

White Carpet
Category: Scaevola

Another long-lived, spreading ground cover with a thick carpet of tight, mid-green foliage, this time with masses of small white flowers.

Tendenza Cool Zygo's Planting idea!
Category: Schlumbergera

TENDENZA® COOL ZYGOS - Stunning indoor flowers during the cool months of the year and a magnificent range to choose from!

Category: Thysanolaena

An excellent, quick growing and NON-INVASIVE alternative to bamboo as it doesn't send out runners.