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Category: Scaevola

A beautiful, free-flowering variety featuring many clusters of large, purple-blue flowers that cover strong, mat-forming foliage.

Category: Scaevola

Stands strong and tall with masses of large, purple-blue flowers on parade. 

Category: Scaevola

A long-lived, spreading ground cover that provides a thick carpet of tight, mid-green foliage with small mauve flowers in abundance.

Category: Scaevola

All-over flower cover of smaller sized, true-pink flowers that appear for virtually half the year. A beauty!

Category: Scaevola

Another long-lived, spreading ground cover with a thick carpet of tight, mid-green foliage, this time with masses of small white flowers.

Tendenza Cool Zygo's Planting idea!
Category: Schlumbergera

TENDENZA® COOL ZYGOS - Stunning indoor flowers during the cool months of the year and a magnificent range to choose from!