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Category: Argyranthemum

It's Super Size time! Sublime Pink features a flower size that's around 50% bigger than normal marguerites. Gorgeous pink single blooms contrasted by a bright centre.

Category: Argyranthemum

Intense, dark magenta buds develop into vivid, dark pink, double blooms

Category: Argyranthemum

A bountiful performer that covers the compact bush in hundreds of yellow-centred, pink blooms.

Category: Argyranthemum

When NuFlora do their thing, they turn the traditional yellow-centred, white Daisy into a masterpiece.

Category: Argyranthemum

When you want to look tops, go for your Sunday Best. Lovely, pink double blooms in abundance.

Category: Argyranthemum

Soft yellow petals partner with a 'kapow', bright yellow anemone centre.

Super Chameleon!
Category: Argyranthemum

Our first Super Size Federation Daisy that changes colour!

Category: Argyranthemum

Super Duper displays doubled, bright white blooms that sit just above mid-green foliage. The flowers are significantly larger that most varieties of Marguerite Daisies and must be seen to be believed.

Category: Argyranthemum

Another 'Super Sizer', this time a superb, prolific flowering plant with vivid purple blooms and contrasting yellow centres.

Category: Argyranthemum

Beautiful, pastel yellow flowers with a contrasting orangey-yellow centre, adorn this beautiful 'Fed'.

Category: Argyranthemum

This 2015 release features an attractive, pink and white, bi-coloured flower. Absolutely stunning in full flower.

Blueberry Blue Rose
Category: Blueberry

Blue Rose is a Southern Highbush type of Blueberry that produces luscious fruit mid-season.

Category: Blueberry

Another Southern Highbush type that produces 2 - 4 kilos of flavorsome fruit per season! 

Category: Callistemon

A stunning bottlebrush with luminous-pink new growth and bright pinky-red brushes.

Category: Callistemon

A beautiful, bird-attracting shrub that has a main flush in spring and spot flowering throughout most times of the year.

Category: Gardenia

A beautifully frangranced, single flowered variety of Gardenia, appropriately named 'Joy'.

Category: Hardenbergia

An upright form of Hardenbergia that produces a spectacular spring floral show of intense, purple, pea-like flowers. on a hardy, evergreen plant.

Category: Hibiscus

A range of Hibiscus perfect for creating your own living paradise. Gigantic, beautiful flowers with unique colours.

Category: Ozothamnus

Radiance bears multitudes of bright white flowers which appear as clusters atop mid-green foliage.

Category: Pimelea

An attractive compact shrub with cute leaves appearing all along the stems and producing a beautiful burst of spring flowers.

Category: Pimelea

Beautiful, dark pink flowers appear as clusters at the terminals of each stem on this naturally dome-shaped bush.

Category: Pimelea

An uncommon, white-flowered form of rice flower. White Solitaire is a member of the Kings Park Series.