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Anigozanthos Bush Ballad
Category: Anigozanthos

This kangaroo paw produces dozens of flowering branches, displaying a profusion of bright red flowers throughout most of the year.

Anigozanthos Bush Blitz
Category: Anigozanthos

A blitz of orange & burgundy coloured flowers in late spring and summer. 

Anigozanthos Bush Bonanza
Category: Anigozanthos

The golden yellow flowers of Bush Bonanza sit atop reddish stems for high impact. 

Category: Anigozanthos

NEW IN 2015! Iridescent, crimson pink flowers on branched stems produced in profusion over the warmer months. A perfect pot specimen or feature plant.

Anigozanthos Bush Dance Flower
Category: Anigozanthos

Bush Dance is a much improved red/green hybrid done Bush Gems style!

Anigozanthos Bush Diamond
Category: Anigozanthos

Bush Diamond is a compact, off-white-flowered kangaroo paw that acts as a great colour contrast in multiple plantings.

Anigozanthos Bush Elegance
Category: Anigozanthos

Bush Elegance features rich, deep burgundy flowers on a natural branching plant.

Anigozanthos Bush Inferno
Category: Anigozanthos

Bush Inferno features masses of fiery red flowers on a compact plant.

Anigozanthos Bush Pearl
Category: Anigozanthos

Our popular pink-flowered Bush Pearl is a prolific flowerer on a compact plant.  Great for your garden and patio pots!

Anigozanthos Bush Tenacity
Category: Anigozanthos

Bush Tenacity features yellow & gold flowers contrasted against red stems.

Anigozanthos Bush Volcano
Category: Anigozanthos

Bush Volcano features a fiery explosion of orange tones on an upright plant. 

macropidia midnight
Category: Macropidia

The much-adored black kangaroo paw bears elegant black and lime green flowers that are stunning and quite unique to the plant world