Brachyscome Pacific Sun

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Brachyscome hybrid

Also known as a Native Daisy.

PBR Name: Rambosun

A fun, marmalade mix of yellow, lemon and orange flowers that change colour throughout the year. It's common to see these colours on the plant all at the same time. A good garden highlight or basket beauty. From a breeding perspective, this is our greatest success. Brachyscome are used primarily as a colourful ground cover or as a container plant. They are one of Australia’s favourite native daisies due to their versatility and beauty.

Height to 25cm

Width to 1m

Brachyscome favour free-draining soil but are fairly tolerant of various soil types as they’re not particularly deep-rooted. They love full sun but can tolerate some shade, however, they won’t enjoy prolonged high humidity, such as in the tropics. Brachyscome are normally planted in multiples, so check the plant label to work out planting intervals. If planting in a pot or tub, use a quality potting mix.
Once established in a garden, Brachyscome usually don’t need supplementary watering above that of natural rainfall. Of course, water the plants during extended dry spells. Step up watering in summer. If planted in a pot, water more regularly to maintain good plant health and flowering response.
Brachyscome aren’t fussy feeders so give them a small amount of a general purpose or native plant controlled release fertiliser once or twice a year.
You probably won’t touch Brachyscome unless you want to shape the plant. However, they will respond to a reasonably hard cut-back which you would do after flowering ceases. This will encourage fresh growth and more flowers.
Pests and Diseases
Brachyscome has no major pest or disease issues. A classic, easy-care plant!

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Brand Australia's Wonders
Preferred Climate Semi-arid, Cool temperate, Temperate
Tolerances Coastal - Salt tolerant, Drought tolerant, Light frost tolerant
Use Garden, Ground cover, Hanging basket, Native, Pots & tubs, Slopes & retaining walls
Position Full sun, Part shade
Height 1-20cm
PBR Status PBR Protected
PBR Information Unauthorised commercial propagation or any sale, conditioning, export, import or stocking of propagating material of this variety is an infingement under the Plant Breeders Rights Act, 1994.


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