Blueberry Sunshine Blue

Category: Blueberry

Vaccinium hybrid

Another Southern Highbush type that produces 10-cent-sized fruit typically through the summer months. Sunshine Blue is a self-pollinator so you only need one plant in order to get it productive. A semi-dwarf variety, evergreen variety that produces 2-4 kilos of flavoursome fruit per season. Think how much that fruit would cost to buy!! Delicious fruit that's so good for you!

Blueberries contain an abundance of nutrients. They are jam packed full of antioxidants, have anti-inflammitory properties and even lower cholesterol in the blood. It is believed they can even help to improve the motor skills in elderly people, however, this is yet to be confirmed. The longer the fruit is left on the plant, the higher the nutrient content, so check your fruits everyday and pick soon after ripening.

Ensure the plant has plenty organic matter in the soil and is watered regularly to encourage the best production of fruit.

Our blueberries are produced from high-health tissue culture to ensure vigorous growth and consistent quality plants.

Height to 1.5m

Width to 1.3m

Tolerances Salt Tolerant (Coastal), Light Frost Tolerant
Position Full Sun
Use Edible, Garden, Pots & Tubs, Shrub
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