Pelargonium Solstice

Category: Pelargonium

Pelargonium x hortorum 

The Solstice series of pelargoniums put on a flower show that rivals Azaleas for beauty. They have a compact, mounded growth habit which is well suited to retail display containers. The key feature of Solstice is their heat tolerance which is better than many other pelargoniums. Flowers will cover the plant during Spring and Summer and provide a spectacular display for the garden.

Height to 40cm

Width to 40cm

Solstice Pelargoniums love free draining, organically rich soils. They’re ideal in patio pots, hanging baskets and window boxes and work really well in mixed plantings. It is best to plant them in early Spring where they can get full sun and flower right through to Summer.

Water in well while the plant is establishing. They will also benefit from supplementary watering while producing buds. 

Feed in Autmn and Spring with controlled release fertiliser to promote flower formation and good plant health.

Cut back lightly after flowering, ensuring not to cut back into woody stems.

Pests and Diseases
While seldom attacked by pests, if aphids appear they can be hosed off the plants with a strong jet of water. Alternatively, apply an appropriate insecticide at the rate recommended by the manufacturer.

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