Calibrachoa Cruze Series

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Calibrachoa hybrid

A new range of outstanding Calibrachoas that produce vibrantly coloured flowers in profusion. Bred by Greenfuse International, no matter where you put these plants, they are sure to get attention.

Bred by Greenfuse International, this range of Calibrachoa is one of the best that we've seen. They produce an abundance of vibrantly coloured flowers through the warmer months and display foliage similar to that of a petunia. Each flower is a bell shape with a yellow throat and brightly coloured singular petal. These plants are quick growers and incredibly easy to look after. The only maintenance they will need is a light trim to shape the plant and promote new growth. These varieties will present beautifully in a pot or basket. For an interesting display try multiplanting different coloured varieties in the same basket or pot and enjoy a multi-coloured display.

Brand Cruze Series
Species calibrachoa
Height 30cm
Width 50cm
Flower Colour Red, Violet, Yellow & Rose
Maintenance A light cut back may be required after flowering to promote new growth and re-shape the plant.
Fertiliser A good quality general purpose fertiliser in spring and autumn will keep these plants looking lively.
Watering These plants don't require excessive amounts of water, and they especially don't like wet feet or water logged soil. Use a pot or basket with drainage holes and water lightly each day or as required.
Pest & Diseases Aphids and Thrip may become presents. Consult your local plant retailer for the best options in your area.
Climate Zone 2, 3, 4
Position Full Sun, Full Sun/Part Shade
Uses Border, Garden, Hanging Basket, Pots & Tubs
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