Thysanolaena Tiger Grass

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Thysanolaena maxima

An excellent, quick growing and NON-INVASIVE alternative to bamboo as it doesn't send out runners.  A good choice as a screen, a natural garden divider or any application where a tropical flavour is desired.

Height to 2m+

Width to 1m

Prefers a warm, shaded position, mimicking its tropical habitat however, perhaps surprisingly, it will handle light frosts. Direct mid-summer sun can burn the leaves, particularly the tips. If multiplanting, plant at 1m-1.5m intervals.
Water in well when first planted and water regularly until established. After that, moderate levels of rainfall should be sufficient to keep the plants happy and healthy. Water during extended dry spells or hot weather.
Feed with a nitrogen-rich liquid fertiliser a few times a year to keep the plant looking lush and healthy.
Remove tired old stems by cutting back to the stem’s base. You can trim the plant to shape if required. The plant produces broom-like flowers on mature plants, so you can remove spent flower heads as well.
Pests and Diseases
No known major pests or diseases. If the plant is well looked after, it shouldn’t be prone to problems. If you see a problem, see your specialist plant retailer for advice re treatment.

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Tolerances Coastal - Salt tolerant, Drought tolerant
Use Foliage, Garden, Landscape, Pots & tubs, Screen
Position Full sun
Height 2m-2.5m


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