Arctotis Bengal Tiger

Category: Arctotis

Arctotis hybrid

PBR Name: Arcbent

This is cost-effective landscaping at its best and you get all-over cover of large, orange, daisy-like flowers to boot. This fantastic Arctotis produces a tough and thick cover of foliage making it a fantastic weed suppressant. It's leaves form a 'ruffled edge', giving texture and an interesting appearance to any landscape. A profusion of striped, bright orange and yellow flowers will appear while most other plants are waiting for the warmer months. Great for covering up those bare patches that other plants just don't seem to survive in.

Height to 45cm

Width to 2m+

Bengal Tiger will thrive in a full sun position, prefer well-drained soil and will happily tolerate even very sandy coastal soils. Take care when planting not too bury the crown of the plant as this may cause it to rot.
Plants will tolerate extended periods of dryness but will flower better if kept moist during dry weather. They can definitely be considered as drought tolerant when acclimatised to minimal water once they are planted.
An application of complete garden fertiliser in spring and again in late summer will help promote strong growth and an abundance of blooms. Alternatively, use a handful of slow release fertiliser at the beginning of spring or a mulch of well rotted animal manure.
Removing the spent blooms regularly will also help keep plants looking at their best as well as help extend the flowering season.

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Brand Nature's Wonders
Preferred Climate Arid, Semi-arid, Cool temperate, Temperate, Mediterranean
Tolerances Coastal - Salt tolerant, Drought tolerant, Light frost tolerant
Use Garden, Ground cover, Landscape
Position Full sun, Part shade
Height 40-60cm
PBR Status PBR Protected
PBR Information Unauthorised commercial propagation or any sale, conditioning, export, import or stocking of propagating material of this variety is an infingement under the Plant Breeders Rights Act, 1994.


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