Portulaca Hot Spots

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Portulaca hybrid

Portulaca Hot Spots provide brightly coloured flowers on low maintenance, drought tolerant plants. The semi-succulent foliage enable the plant to withstand hot dry spells, you'll find the plants producing masses of shimmering flowers through the hottest weather. Only growing to about 40cm wide and 10cm high, these plants are the perfect choice for combination plantings with other Portulaca varieties to achieve a brilliant colour display and a dense cover.

Height to 10cm

Width to 40cm

Planting: Hot Spots prefer a spot with as much light as possible, preferably full sun. They will grow in most soil types but perform best in a well-drained soil. Use premium potting mix for containers, conforming to Australian Standards.
Watering: Hot Spots are drought tolerant plants if they are acclimatised gradually to minimal water. If you wish to grow them without additional watering it is important to gradually reduce the water they receive over a period of weeks after planting. Once established, however, they will generally thrive without supplementary watering.
Fertiliser: The plants need a reasonable amount of food to look their best, so be sure to add mature compost to the garden mix and feed with a complete fertiliser in spring. This can be supplemented with a liquid fertiliser during the warmer months to ensure your plants keep growing and flowering prolifically.
Pruning: Portulaca Hot Spots are low maintenance plants, needing only a light trim after a heavy flush of flowers. This will encourage a bushier plant and more flowers through the warmer months. If the plants do start to look a little tall and straggly, cut them back to around 10cm high. This will create more of a mat-forming plant.

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Tolerances Salt Tolerant (Coastal), Drought Tolerant
Position Full Sun
Use Garden, Ground Cover, Hanging Basket, Pots & Tubs, Retaining Walls
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