Ornithogalum Chesapeake Snowflake

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Ornithogalum thyrsoides

A fabulous spring show of large flower heads made up of clusters of small white flowers. As a cut flower, Snowflake has an incredible, extra long vase life.

Height to 40cm

Width to 30cm

Planting: Plant in a full sun or part shade position in free-draining soil with a bit of mature composted material added if necessary. Ornithogalum grow from a bulb which naturalises in the ground, so you never have to lift the bulbs.
Watering: Begin watering in autumn when first shoots appear. The plant goes dormant over summer, so there’s little need to water at that time.
Fertiliser: Use a good quality controlled-release fertiliser but avoid applications of high nitrogen fertiliser which will encourage leafy growth at the expense of flowers.
Pruning: Remove old stems by cutting off at the base. Don’t remove foliage until the plant has died back, which will occur in summer as the plant goes dormant.
Pests and Diseases: Can be infected with Ornithogalum mosaic virus, that’s why these plants start life as a virus-and-contaminant-free plant grown in our laboratory. Fungal diseases can be an issue if grown in wet conditions. Flowers can attract aphids. Talk to your plant retailer about appropriate treatments to solve any problem.

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Tolerances Salt Tolerant (Coastal), Drought Tolerant, Light Frost Tolerant
Position Full Sun, Full Sun/Part Shade
Use Border, Cut Flower, Garden, Pots & Tubs


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