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Hemerocallis hybrid 

The Ramm Botanicals range of Hemerocallis, also known as a Daylily, includes several different varieties. Heaven Scent, Maleny Bonanza, Juene Rose, Karla Rose, Maleny Flirt and Tranquility all produce an abundance of daylilies from November to January. The stunning flowers on these plants can grow from 8cm to a huge 12cm in diameter and appear glittery in the sun. Choose a position where these plants will get plenty of sunlight, as their flowers will turn to face the sun. These plants are incredibly easy to grow and care for and make a great feature in a pot or when planted in abundance in the garden.

Height: Smallest varieties to 50cm, taller varieties to 75cm. Check individual label for details.

Width: To 50cm

Flowers will turn to face the sun, position them in a full sun position with free draining, organically rich soils.

Water these plants as they are establishing and in consistent hot weather. If kept in a pot this plant will require regular watering.

Spent flower stems and foliage is removed easily by gently pulling away from the base of the plant.


Tolerances Salt Tolerant (Coastal), Drought Tolerant, Light Frost Tolerant
Position Full Sun, Full Sun/Part Shade
Use Border, Cut Flower, Garden, Landscape, Pots & Tubs
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