Dianella Emperor's Pearl™

Category: Dianella

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PBR Name: DT5001

Emperor's Pearl creates a regal display of bluish, upright foliage that stands out in the landscape. Its symmetrical growth habit ensures it is well-kept and neat in appearance. A profusion of small, deep lilac flowers are produced in profusion over spring and summer atop wiry stems. After each flush of flowers, blue berries are produced which create a second colourful display. Emperor's Pearl offers minimal maintenance for an exceptional display. For more information, open the information sheet below.

Height to 60cm

Width to 50m

Best planting time: year round.

Flowering time: Flowers and berries produced during Spring & Summer.

Foliage: Bluish, upright, mid-green foliage.

Optimum planting requirements: 50cm intervals.

Optimum climatic zones: Will tolerate most climates except tropical and extreme arid areas.

Uses: Roadside, mass plantings, informal borders, embankments or as a filler.

Soil Type: Well drained, mildly acid-neutral soils.

Care: Water as needed during establishment period. Slow release fertiliser in spring if needed.

Open the attached information sheet for technical notes and further information or to print this information.

Use Roadside, Slopes/Embankments, Mass Plantings, Soil Stabilization, Feature Plant
Optimum Position Full Sun
Tolerant to: Drought, Frost, Wind, Salty Soils, Sandy Soils, Clay Soils
Flowering Spring, Summer
Height to: 40cm-60cm


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