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Lavender pendunculata

This gorgeous Lavender is a brand new Australian bred variety. It's flowers produce a ruffle in spring that are up to 3.5cm long and pink and purple in colour. As flowers continue to bloom into the warmer months the ruffle atop each flower will increase dramatically in size and change colour. It's silvery green foliage creates a great contrast to other plants within the garden and is a perfect cottage garden choice. A light fragrance to this variety, perfect for vases and other floral displays. One of the toughest Lavenders we've seen! 

Height to 50cm

Width to 70cm

Planting: Plant in a full sun or part shade position, preferably in cooler months. If planting in a pot ensure to use a potting mix that bears the Australian Standards mark and use a pot at least 50cm in diameter.

Watering: Water while establishing. Once established in the garden, this variety shouldn't require any water above natural rainfall, however, in hotter months it will appreciate an odd watering. If kept in a pot the plant will need watering at least weekly, most likely more often than that.

Fertiliser: Consult your local plant retailer for the best options in your area, or use a general purpose controlled release fertiliser in Autumn.

Pruning: Normally Lavender doesn't like to be cut back during the hotter months, however we found this variety performed well both ways. If the plant begins to look untidy, give it a trim back by about a third of the foliage, careful not to cut into too much of the woody parts of the stems.

Tolerances Light Frost Tolerant
Position Full Sun, Full Sun/Part Shade
Use Cut Flower, Garden, Pots & Tubs
PBR Information This variety may be registerable under the PBR Act, 1994. Growers should determine it's PBR status prior to propagation or undertaking other commercial activities.
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