New Guinea Impatiens Jungle Series


New Guinea Impatiens hawkerii

You can't beat New Guinea Impatiens when it comes to bringing colour to shady areas. These plants thrive in pots and containers when kept in areas with filtered light or full shade. Not only will the flowers bring a happy aura to your garden or patio, their foliage showcases pointed, exotic foliage that is sure to prove a nice change from the usual patio favourites. Their profuse flower show is perfect for contrasting with a brightly coloured decorative pot. A naturally branching, compact plant that will flower for the majority of the year.

Planting: Jungle series New Guineas enjoy compost-enriched, free-draining soil. Position them in a shaded or dappled sunlit position, a position we like to call 'bright shade'... in a bright area, but without direct sunlight. If planting in a pot, we suggest a 20cm-25cm diameter for a single plant. They work well in self-watering pots.

Watering: Enjoy moist soil which a self-watering pot will deliver. New Guineas tell you when they need watering - the foliage begins to wilt and they look a bit ‘sad’. You’ll be impressed how quickly they respond to watering. If using overhead watering, water in the morning so moisture isn’t left on the foliage overnight.

Fertiliser: Feed them a couple of times of the year (early spring and mid summer) with a general purpose controlled release fertiliser. You can also use one of many liquid feeds as an alternative or as a supplement to pellets.

Pruning: You can cut the plant back if you feel it needs shaping or revitalising. Try cutting back by around one third. Pinching out the growing tips in early spring will encourage further branching. Remove spent flowers which tend to sit on the foliage.

Pests and Diseases: Protect the plants from slug and snail attack. Impatiens can be affected by sucking pests such as aphids, thrips and mealy bug but these can be managed in various ways. Talk to your plant retailer about appropriate treatments to solve any problem.

Position Full Shade
Use Indoor, Pots & Tubs
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