Pelargonium Zonal NEW

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The Selecta range of zonal pelargonium has been a strong seller for over a decade. Prized for their masses of brilliantly coloured, almost year-round flowering, Selecta Pelargonium thrive in a range of conditions and are ideal for both containers and the open garden.

And now an all new selection forthe Zonal Pelargonium collection. Still with the distinct 'zonal' markings on the foliage, this range offers big, bright bountiful blooms in any garden setting.

These are compact, well branched plants and are also easy to grow, easy to maintain and offer lots of colour. They can be used in the garden or in pots, tubs and baskets, and they look fantastic when used in combination with trailing plants.

Acrona 2000: purple-red
Carlos: red
Graziella: pink with dark eye
Guido: orange
Hurricane: purple-pink, white center
Mila: orange with eye
Sailing: white
Violino: lavendar-blue

Available to wholesale growers from September 2017

Brand Pelargonium Zonal
Species Pelargonium zonale
Height 50cm
Width 50cm
Maintenance Remove old or infected leaves and snap spent flower stems off at the base
Fertiliser Feed with a complete, controlled release fertiliser or liquid plant food during the active growing period to ensure strong growth and generous flower production.
Watering To maintain optimal flowering the plants should be kept moist, particularly during hot weather. Avoid frost. When fully established, pelargoniums will survive quite well with minimal to no water.
Pest & Diseases Apids, mealy bugs, white fly, caterpillars, rust, potrytis, sooty mold.
Position Full Sun
Uses Cut Flower, Garden, Hanging Basket, Pots & Tubs