Geranium BIG Series

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Geranium calliope

The BIG Series of Geraniums will bring big impact to your garden. Boasting bright, bountiful colour these varieties are sure to please the eye. Large, doubled blooms present themselves atop mid-green, compact foliage, setting a neat, yet exciting scene. Give your garden a cottage feel by using baskets to hang them from lattice, retaining walls, fences or pagolas. Plant them by your kitchen window to brighten up the view or use a variety of decorative pots to add depth and colour to any outdoor setting in need of brightening up. The thick, mid-green foliage keeps a semi-trailing habit which means they will cascade in hanging baskets, or stay low-growing in the garden.


Brand BIG Geraniums
Species geranium calliope
Height 40cm
Width 50cm
Flower Colour Various
Flowering Period Summer, Autumn, Spring
Maintenance Geraniums love compost-enriched, free draining soil. Trim off old stems and shape plant if desired, remove spent flower stems.
Fertiliser Feed a small amount of complete, controlled release fertiliser in spring and autumn to promote flower formation and good plant health.
Watering Will appreciate an extra bit of water in the heat of summer and while flowers are being produced but are quite drought tolerant plants with low water requirements.
Pest & Diseases Aphids and mealy bug can be attracted to these plants, however these are easy to control - hose off with a strong jet of water or see your specialist nursery retailer for advice on the appropriate insecticide. A fungal disease, Botrytis, can reside under old leaves and attack new growth. Simply remove offending stems and avoid over-watering plants.
Tolerances Drought Tolerant
Position Full Sun
Uses Cut Flower, Garden, Hanging Basket, Landscape, Pots & Tubs