Pelargonium Ivy

Category: Geranium

The Ivy Pelargoniums offer very attractive double and semi-double flowers. The great thing about these plants is their versatility; they are a natural in containers, especially where they can cascade over the side of the pot, hanging basket or window box. They also integrate beautifully in mixed plantings, and in frost-free gardens they work well as a colourful ground cover. 

These Pelargoniums have brilliantly coloured flowers ranging from deep burgundy, to baby pink and white. They flower for most of the year, but tend to back off flowering in winter.

Brand Pelargonium Ivy
Species Pelargonium peltatum
Height 50cm
Width 50cm
Flower Colour Various
Flowering Period Summer, Autumn, Spring
Maintenance Trim off old stems to shape plant if desired. You could also nip off spent flower stems at the base. Plant in compost-enriched, free draining soil.
Fertiliser Feed with a complete, controlled release fertiliser or liquid plant food during the active growing period to ensure strong growth and generous flower production.
Watering To maintain optimal flowering the plants should be kept moist, particularly during hot weather. Avoid frost. When fully established, Pelargoniums will survive quite well with minimal to no water.
Pest & Diseases There are a few of the expected bugs that can be attracted to these plants such as aphids or mealy bug. These are easy to control, so see your specialist nursery retailer for advice on the right product. Watch out for the fungal disease Botrytis, which can reside under old leaves, attacking new growth. Simply remove offending stems and don’t over-water the plants.
Tolerances Salt Tolerant (Coastal), Drought Tolerant
Position Full Sun
Uses Garden, Ground Cover, Hanging Basket, Pots & Tubs