Category: Blueberry

Blueberries are neat, bushy plants that look fantastic in the garden or in pots. They produce attractive white flowers with an abundance of plump, delicious fruit that are full of antioxidants. Different blueberry plants are suited  to different climates – in colder areas you can grow the deciduous lowbush or highbush types that require a higher amount of chill. For warmer areas, rabbiteye varieties are more suitable as they require a lesser amount of chill. 

Our blueberries are produced from high-health tissue culture to ensure vigorous growth and consistent quality plants.

Blue Rose: (mid season, southern highbush) Prolific fruiting over summer and a vigorous grower yielding large fruit. Leave the fruit on the bush to ripen. Can be self-fertile but will perform better when grown with other blueberries
Sunshine Blue: (mid season, southern highbush) A popular, semi-dwarf, evergreen Blueberry yielding 2-4kilos of 10c sized delicious fruit across the summer months. Will handle warmer climates but needs about a week of accumulated hours below 7C temperatures during their dormant season. Self-fertile.
Northland: (highbush) Dark flesh berries will ripen in December and continue to March. Berries will become sweeter the longer they hang on the bush. A great pollinator for other varieties.

Species vaccinium hybrid
Height 1.5-2.4m
Width 1-2m
Flower Colour White
Flowering Period Spring
Maintenance Start pruning when the plant is producing fruit. May be pruned in spring or immediately after harvest. Thin out and remove dead or damaged branches, low hanging or crossing branches. Mulch well and supply additional water in summer.
Fertiliser Fertilisers suited to azalea and camellia will be suitable. Avoid horse and chicken manure.
Watering Blueberries have a shallow, fibrous root system and require supplementary water throughout the warmer months.
Pest & Diseases Rust, catrpillars, aphids, leaf miners amd beetles. Leaf and root fungal diseases
Position Full Sun/Part Shade
Uses Edible, Garden, Pots & Tubs