Schlumbergera Tendenza® Cool Zygos

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Schlumbergera truncata hybridTendenza Cool Zygos small

Common name: Zygocactus

Also known as: Crab's-claw Cactus.

Zygocactus are well known for their low maintenance qualities and bright, bountiful flowering. The perfect plant for table decorations or hanging baskets. Try choosing a variety with contrasting or complementing colours to the colour scheme of your chosen room. Perhaps multi-plant different varieties to create an even more interesting display. The Cool Zygo's range will produce their exquisite, brightly coloured flowers during autumn and winter.

Height to 20cm

Width to 45cm


Cool Zygos will flower during the cooler months of the year. Flowering period can be lengthened by shortening daylight hours to 10 hours.

Cool Zygos are best used as an indoor plant, however, they will survive in full shade outdoors. Ensure soil has plenty of grit and good drainage in a snug-fitting pot.
Keep soil moist while flowers are being produced. Be very careful not to over-water as this may lead to the roots and stems rotting.

Fertilise during growing seasons (summer & spring) with a diluted liquid fertiliser - consult your local plant specialist for the best option in your area.
Plant can be lightly trimmed back by pinching sections of the foliage. Do so after flowering.
Pests and Diseases
No major pests should arise if kept as an indoor plant, if any problems persist, consult your local plant specialist for the best option in your area.

Position Full Shade
Use Hanging Basket, Indoor, Pots & Tubs
PBR Information This variety may be registerable under the PBR Act, 1994. Growers should determine it's PBR status prior to propagation or undertaking other commercial activities.
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