Delosperma Sunflare

Category: Delosperma

Sunflare is a stunning succulent that offers bright, iridescent fuchsia flowers in abundance in any full sun position. This variety will provide good ground coverage with each plant spreading up to more than a metre wide, and will also bring texture and interest to the garden with its succulent foliage. Expect Sunflare to produce flowers all year round, with the warmer months bearing the most concentrated flower production. 

Sunflare pairs perfectly with Disphyllum 'Sunburn' - a match made in heaven!

Brand Nature's Wonders
Species Delosperma cooperi
Height to 10cm
Width to 1.5m
Flower Colour Fuschia
Flowering Period Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring
Maintenance Plant in a full sun position, will enjoy free draining soils. Plant approximately 80cm apart for optimum ground coverage. Sunflare shouldn't need to be pruned, however should the plant become untidy a light trim may do the plant good.
Fertiliser Consult your preferred plant retailer for the best suited option in your area.
Watering Sunflare should only require watering while the plant is establishing. Other than that it may appreciate a sprinkling of water in extreme prolongued dry periods.
Pest & Diseases Generally trouble free but watch for mealy bug and snails.
Tolerances Salt Tolerant (Coastal), Drought Tolerant, Light Frost Tolerant
Position Full Sun, Full Sun/Part Shade
Uses Garden, Ground Cover, Hanging Basket, Landscape, Pots & Tubs, Retaining Walls
PBR Information Unauthorised commercial propagation or any sale, conditioning, export, import or stocking of propagating material of this variety is an infingement under the Plant Breeders Rights Act, 1994.