Gardenia Joy

Category: Gardenia

 This Australian bred Gardenia produces an abundance of perfumed, single flowers throughout spring. The clean, glossy foliage provides a beautiful back drop for the flowers and looks attractive all year round. Perfect for planting next to the carport or letterbox to catch the fragrance each time you pass by. Dense foliage and a freebranching habit make this plant good as an informal hedge or border.

Species Gardenia jasminoides
Height to 1.5m
Width to 1.5m
Flower Colour Cream White
Flowering Period Summer, Spring
Maintenance Plant in well drained soil. Young plants may be pinched once in June and again in August to encourage heavy branching
Fertiliser Fertilize in spring and summer with a slow acting, general fertiliser.
Watering Water regularly but ensure soil is well drained. Do not allow pots to dry out between waterings
Pest & Diseases Scale commonly found along the stem and on the back of the leaves. Mealy bug hide among leaf nodes. Treat with pestoil and ensure plant is not under stress.
Climate Zone 3, 4
Tolerances Light Frost Tolerant
Position Full Sun/Part Shade
Uses Cut Flower, Garden, Hedge, Pots & Tubs, Shrub


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