Scaevola Aussie Salute Series

Category: Scaevola

Scaevola have been popularised all around the world due to their quick flowering ability, unusual fan form and versatility as a ground cover or containerised plant. These two aemula varieties, Aussie Salute Blue and Aussie Salute Pink are fast growing, short lived perennials that stand tall and strong. Masses of large, fan shaped flowers cover the branches of bright green foliage year round, peaking in spring and summer, and put a spectacular display of strong colour into any outdoor area.

NEW! Aussie Salute Pink produces masses of bright pink flowers

Aussie Salute Blue produces masses of purple/blue flowers

The distinguishing feature is the more upright habit than most forms of Scaevola aemula on the market. Forming a low mound, the Aussie Salute Scaevola are perfect for gardens, rockeries, in a container or as a feature.

Available to wholesale growers from July 2017

Brand Aussie Salute Scaevola
Species scaevola aemula
Height 40cm
Width 40cm
Flower Colour Pink & Blue/Purple
Maintenance Lightly prune if necessary to shape and remove spent flowers.
Fertiliser Feed with a general purpose controlled release fertiliser in early spring and mid summer
Watering Scaevola enjoy moist soil for optimum flower response but will handle periods without irrigation
Pest & Diseases There are no serious pests or diseases likely to be encountered in the garden
Tolerances Drought Tolerant, Frost Hardy
Position Full Sun
Uses Garden, Ground Cover, Hanging Basket, Landscape, Native, Pots & Tubs
PBR Information Unauthorised commercial propagation or any sale, conditioning, export, import or stocking of propagating material of this variety is an infingement under the Plant Breeders Rights Act, 1994.