Rubus Blackberry Thornless

Category: Rubus

Rubus fruticosus x R. alleghaniensis (sub-genus Eubatus) 'Thornless Blackberry'

This hybrid Blackberry bears richly flavoured fruit from mid-to-late summer. Add these healthy berries to fruit salad, your morning smoothie, Greek yoghurt or top your pancakes with them for a burst of flavour. Derived from high health, tissue cultured stock.

Height to 2m

Width to 4m

Prefers well drained, slightly acidic, compost-rich soil and full sun position. Keep soil moist whilst plant is establishing and keep it mulched. Remove old canes in winter. Harvest when berries are ripe as they won’t ripen off the vine. Freeze or use immediately. Feed with a controlled release fertiliser in early spring. Self fertile. Train onto wires or a trellis. Still bears some thorns. Note: this hybrid is not considered invasive.

Tolerances Salt Tolerant (Coastal), Light Frost Tolerant
Position Full Sun
Use Climbing, Edible, Garden, Pots & Tubs