Mandevilla Aloha Forever Red

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Mandevilla hybridNon Fading Red

Forever Red is the first Mandevilla that WILL NOT FADE in the Australian heat. Rich, red blooms with a yellow throat appear through spring and summer with colour that lasts as long as the flower does. This plant will climb upon anything, if allowed, and can keep a neat, compact form with little maintenance. A great alternative to Mandevillas that can't take the heat.

Plant them in compost-rich, free draining soil in ground or in a pot. To cover large areas, plant at intervals of 60-90cm. Plant them in full sun (or at least a sunny position) along wire mesh fencing, arbors, trellises or pergolas. If planting in a pot, we suggest a 30-40cm size and use high quality potting mix that offers reasonable moisture retention. Mulching recommended.
The Aloha series will perform best if the soil is kept moist however they are surprisingly drought tolerant and will handle a couple of weeks without irrigation. You will need to increase watering during those hot summer periods when evaporation increases.
Mandevilla enjoy a feed so use either a general purpose controlled release fertiliser in spring and autumn or use one of the many liquid feeds. You’ll be rewarded with denser, healthier foliage and increased flowering response.
Cut back to desired shape after flowering and they will even respond to a hard cut back. Best to do that before winter at the end of their flowering season. Depending on the climate, you may see the plant defoliate in whole or part. If this happens, remove any dead or yellowing leaves and await new season growth as the warmer weather returns.
Pests and Diseases
If you keep your plants healthy, you shouldn’t have any great problems with Mandevilla. You may see aphids on new shoots or red spider mite on leaves. These are easily managed and your plant specialist can give you advice on the best method to manage the problem. All in all though, Mandevilla are easycare plants that won’t cause you much trouble.

Tolerances Salt Tolerant (Coastal), Drought Tolerant
Position Full Sun, Full Sun/Part Shade
Use Climbing, Garden, Hanging Basket, Pots & Tubs
PBR Information Unauthorised commercial propagation or any sale, conditioning, export, import or stocking of propagating material of this variety is an infingement under the Plant Breeders Rights Act, 1994.
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