Hibiscus Aloha Series

Category: Hibiscus

Create a living paradise with this stunning range of Hibiscus. Each variety is unique and has something very special to offer. Whether its unusual colour, doubled blooms or dinner plate sized flowers, you're sure to find one that suits you and your garden. Perfect for large pots and tubs to bring beautiful colour closer than the garden. These varieties are easy to grow and easy to love, start by choosing your favourite colour!

Bali Sunset: Extra-large, 20cm in diameter flowers featuring a gorgeous fusion of orange and yellow tones.

Dr David Grimes: Early flowers are red-centred with a creamy white outer, then turn solid red.

Moondrop: A stunning colour combination that really stands out in the garden.

Nikita: A flashy colour combination of yellow and red in an attractive pattern on 15cm wide flowers.

Pink Bouquet: An unusual, double form with ruffled, deep pink and red flowers.

Robyn Jean: Arguably one of the most beautiful flowers in the range. Golden yellow edges complemented by light purple and a deep reddy/purple eye.

Brand Aloha Hibiscus
Species hibiscus rosa sinensis
Height 1.5m
Width 1m
Flower Colour Various
Flowering Period Summer, Autumn, Spring
Maintenance Lightly trim back during October/November (before flowering), this will stimulate budding as flowers are produced on new growth. Avoid windy positions. Needs slightly acidic soil. These varieties are deciduous and best planted during autumn to allow roots to establish before winter.
Fertiliser Feed monthly during the warmer months while the plant is growing with a citrus or specialised hibiscus fertiliser.
Watering Step up watering in prolongued hot weather. Don't over-water during cooler months. Pot specimens will require more attention. Avoid 'wet feet'
Pest & Diseases You may see aphids, thrips or caterpillars. Your local garden centre or plant specialist can recommend the best treatment in your area.
Tolerances Salt Tolerant (Coastal), Drought Tolerant, Light Frost Tolerant
Position Full Sun/Part Shade
Uses Cut Flower, Garden, Landscape, Pots & Tubs, Retaining Walls, Shrub