Goodenia Gold Cover

Category: Goodenia
Gold Cover is a very attractive ground cover. It features lush, shiny green foliage and is dotted with showy golden yellow flowers throughout the warmer months of the year, peaking during late spring and summer. The flowers are quite large by Goodenia standards. Gold Cover tolerates drought conditions and is a low water use plant, especially if it is well mulched. Uses include banks, retaining walls, ground covering and container planting for patios and courtyards.
Brand Australia's Wonders
Species Goodenia ovata
Height 15cm
Width 1m
Flower Colour Golden Yellow
Flowering Period Summer, Autumn, Spring
Maintenance Gold Cover branches profusely and therefore forms a compact, bushy plant that needs very little maintenance. You may want to re-shape the plant, remove any tired growth or spent flowers. If so, give the plant a very light trim to encourage a second burst of flowering in summer.
Fertiliser The best and simplest way to feed Gold Cover is with a small handful of complete, controlled release native fertiliser. Once the plant is established in the garden, it should be fed in early spring each year.
Watering Water in well at planting time and then water regularly while the plant is establishing. Once established, natural rainfall is often sufficient to supply the plant’s requirements. However, under drought conditions regular watering will encourage better plant health and flowering response. Potted plants tend to dry out more than those in the soil and will therefore require more regular watering. Mulching is beneficial to reduce the plant’s watering needs.
Pest & Diseases Gold Cover is rarely affected by pest or disease problems and will not normally require any treatment for such problems. If sucking insects such as thrips or aphids are present they can cause damage but generally can be easily controlled with a suitable pesticide. If you see a problem, talk to your specialist plant retailer for advice on the right product.
Tolerances Drought Tolerant
Position Full Sun/Part Shade
Uses Garden, Ground Cover, Landscape, Native, Pots & Tubs, Retaining Walls